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End of chapter five!

Wow, five chapters down! We're currently on an interlude which will consist of five pages total; after that, on to Chapter Six, which will bring the girls to Vermillion City. You can look forward to:

- Kaia interacting with another human being in a normal manner
- A gym battle with potentially surprising results
- More new characters
- Devious plans
- An idyllic last chapter to the first half of this arc before the real action begins!

I'll also be announcing a contest soon for PT's first birthday, so stay tuned for more information.

Info on chapter five

I finally had time to draw some more pages seriously, so we have a couple weeks of pages ready to be scanned and put in the buffer. Schedule will return to MWF in the first full week of December.

Chapter Five looks like it's going to top thirty pages (whoa!) so it'll probably end up continuing into a large part of January. I'll have a few good weeks for winter break, meaning a lot of drawing time! Hooray!

This chapter has a lot of stuff going on. There's Rose and Gina's adventures, a Team Rocket plot, and whatever the heck is going on between Kaia and Daniel--probably why it's so long. It's also my favorite chapter so far, really.

Since we haven't had some news in awhile

Okay, so Chapter Four and its interlude will be done in the next couple weeks, which means the beginning of Ch. 5, Cerulean City! Hooray!

Updates in November and November only are switching to Tuesday/Thursday. Why? Because I'm participating in NaNoWriMo or at least hope to and will be incredibly busy, meaning that I won't be able to crank out as many pages as usual. Given that I haven't missed an update yet, and I'd prefer that not to happen in the future, I'm doing this to be safe.

In other news, we've passed the 100 pages mark (with filler pages and extras included, that is)! Celebrate good times.

I've also started another Pokémon-related comic that may interest you: Rival! Whether it'll go anywhere is yet to be seen, but I think it'll be fun if I can keep it going. It's also 100% digital and full color, if that's any incentive to check it out!

Vacation - 2 weeks

As I've said in the comments of the latest few pages, I'll be on vacation for the next two weeks. However, we will still have the scheduled updates up on the right days (thank goodness for the SJ update system, yay) along with Sunday bonus art while I'm gone.

Currently, we have 76 pages total uploaded, including 20 that are dated for the future. (Holy cow!) I'm hoping to be able to get waaaaay ahead of schedule so that when I go to school there won't be any interruption of updates, so that's neat. I am halfway through Chapter Four, in case anyone's wondering, and working on scripting for Chapter Five.

Chapter Three should wrap up about the day I return, so I look forward to coming back and being able to reply to comments again and to hear your thoughts on this latest chapter. Thanks so much to everyone who has favorited and commented for PT--it's great to have support.

And I already plugged this in the comments, but I feel the need to do so again: A list of links to hand-drawn Pokémon comics, compiled by Vye Brante of Just Gotta. Because we must share the love and plug the awesome that is other drawn Pokémon comics, since there are far too few of them!

Stuff and nonsense

There's a possibility that sometime next week I might miss a day, since I'm going to be really busy, but I think I've got enough time this weekend to do a buffer. No matter whether I miss a day, though, I still plan for this chapter to end on June 6th, as it regularly would.

I have all of Ch. 3 (Pewter City) thumbnailed, actually. I'll introduce two new recurring characters who are really quite amusing.

Thanks all of you guys! I'll be posting about a cool opportunity for all of you in a couple days...


All right, so I've been able to do some work on the comic recently, so I've got pages drawn for about two weeks out from today. Hooray! Chapter Two will end in about four and a half weeks.

Also, interesting fact: according to the chapter plan I have drawn out, and pegging each chapter at around 18 pages, the first arc of the comic should be completed in about two years. Egad! There's a lot of material, I guess. And I'm not even going to go into the Johto arc.

Chapter One Drawing Complete / New Update Schedule?

I've finished drawing chapter one (o.O), which is seventeen pages long, not including the cover! Chapter one will run until April 22 on the current update schedule. This, to me, seems far too long away, so after this chapter ends, I think I'll be switching to a M/W/F update schedule.

Thanks to the five people so far who've added this comic to their favorites! I'm glad you're enjoying the story so far.

Also, to anyone looking, there's now an about page, a characters page with the current characters and a couple yet to show up, as well as a links page that I have to add a few more comics to (read: 20).

Update Schedule!

i.e., we're actually getting one!

So there'll be a comic today, and one tomorrow, but after that the updates will be on Sundays and Wednesdays at 9:30 AM GMT-6 (USA Central Time). I'm hoping this schedule will work okay for me to be able to keep up; since I just drew four pages yesterday and have already done another two today, I think that's likely. (For those counting, that means 9 pages.)

Anyway, for those of you who are here, I'm glad you're reading! Thanks for coming!